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Ticket2Ride Gives Oregon’s Youth Access to Transformative Outdoor Experiences

Research has shown that kids who have opportunities for hands-on learning outdoors are not only healthier, but they do better in school, show more interest in and are more proficient in science. Similarly, a young person’s understanding of history improves after visiting sites of cultural significance.

But for many kids, these outdoor experiences aren’t accessible – due simply to the high cost of transportation.

Since 2016, the Ticket2Ride Program has been supporting a few thousand under-served students across the state each year by funding field trip transportation to Oregon State Parks.

Help us get more Oregon kids outside and experiencing our State Parks


Ticket2Ride puts nature within reach through transformative school programs. As little as $25 could provide an eager, underserved student with access to a day of hands-on learning in a State Park. Who knows what it could lead to – a career choice, discovery of their heritage, or even the discovery of exploration and wonder that will enhance their life for decades to come.


A Far-Reaching Hands-on Environmental Education

For the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders who visit Oregon State Parks, the experience can go far beyond a “day of fresh air.” Field trips like these can start a cascading effect that leads to family engagement with the outdoors, a better connection to natural conservation, and a greater understanding of the economic and environmental issues of the day.

There are 255 State Parks in Oregon, with beaches, rivers, mountains, canyons, forests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and fields all available as outdoors science labs! Oregon State Parks support and enhance learning for thousands of students each year offering inspirational & effective learning experiences.

Our State Parks are natural classrooms bursting with opportunity for students to capture their fascination with both science and history lessons (opportunities to learn about Lumber, Agriculture, the Oregon Trail, the Civilian Conservation Corps, etc.)

Getting students outside stimulates imagination, creativity and investigation, and enables them to connect with nature, experience the seasons and witness how the Parks change over time.


Oregon’s School Children Access Our State Parks!

Your support of Ticket2Ride is a vital part of connecting more of our kids with Oregon’s State Parks. From $25 for to transport a single student to $500 to cover the cost of an entire class’ outdoor adventure, your support is greatly appreciated!


Click here to learn more.  Contact with any program and/or application questions and apply here for a Ticket2Ride grant.