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Thompson’s Mill Preservation Society Cider Pressing

Thompson’s Mill Preservation Society and Oregon Parks Department held a cider pressing and mill tours this weekend, to show off the freshly painted mill.

Thompson’s Mill might be the coolest Oregon State Park you have never heard of! This mill is a great place to take families and folks who have an interest in how things used to be made. The oldest water-powered grist mill in the state was a gathering place for agricultural communities, where farmers would bring in their crops to be ground and readied for the market.

The turbines, augers and elevators can still be seen in action on guided tours between 9 and 4 daily. The flood gates can still be opened, causing the water to flow into the mill and turning the turbine which then powers the various belts and grain elevators that move the grains and flours through the process. Kids, and adults who feel like kids, love this!

Cider Pressing

The Mill recently got a facelift when the parks department was able to paint the southern and western walls, the silos, and the millkeeper’s house. The Preservation Society also raised the funds to repaint the old logos on the silos.  Hopefully the project will continue with the waterproofing and painting of the northern and eastern walls.

Here are some of the sun-bleached but informative signs that tell you a bit more about the mill.


To visit the Mill, take Exit 228 from Interstate 5 coming from the north. Then head east to the first light and turn right on 7 Mile Road. Follow this until you turn right onto Boston Mill Road which will take you over I-5 and to the mill.

From the south, take exit 216 and head west to Highway 99E. Take 99E north to Shedd, where you turn right onto Boston Mill Drive and follow it to the Mill.