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Our Mission

Silver Falls

Hikers enjoy a 360-degree view of South Falls at Silver Falls State Park.

Oregon State Parks Foundation is proud to be the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing Oregon’s State Parks.

Many people are not aware, or do not recall, that since 1998 the Oregon State Park system is not funded by your taxes.  Instead it relies on the Oregon Lottery, user fees and portions of registration fees from Recreational Vehicles and ATVs for most of its funding.  As costs of running Oregon State Parks are exceeding this funding, the Foundation was formed to help supplement these funding sources, in order to preserve and protect the experience of using the parks.

Our mission is to raise funds to enhance and preserve the experience of using the more than 260 Oregon State Parks, now and for generations to come.

We support this mission by raising funds, building partnerships, and increasing public awareness about recreational and educational opportunities available in Oregon state parks.

From the restoration and preservation of some of Oregon’s most prized historic monuments and places, to the establishment of interpretive and educational programs for the benefit of State Park visitors, the Oregon State Parks Foundation supports the expansion and enhancement of Oregon’s incredible State Parks.

Becoming a member of the Oregon State Parks Foundation makes it possible for us to support projects and activities in the parks that:

  • promote healthy activities like hiking, cycling and camping;
  • teach children about the environment and outdoor resources;
  • make State Parks accessible to children from under-served communities; and,
  • build new facilities, and restore iconic places.