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Our Donors

Our donors are dedicated champions of Oregon state parks. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the following donors for their generous gifts of $100 or more to the Oregon State Parks Foundation between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016:

Park Benefactors

$5,000 and above

The Autzen Foundation

ARIA Foundation

The Cabana Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

EarthShare Oregon

The ESCO Foundation

Gilliam County

Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

Robert G. Moch Trust

NW Natural

Eleanor and Georges St. Laurent

Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust

William Swindells, Sr. Memorial Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust


Founder’s Circle

$1,000 to $4,999

AAA Oregon/Idaho

David and Lyn Anderson

Bruce S. Barnes

Dianne R. Barnes

Chester and Marion Beals Memorial Fund of the Community Foundation for Southwest WA

Terrance Bean

Zach Brattain

Jerry and Cathy Brodie

Bennett Burns and Andrew Rowe

Daniels Family Foundation

William M. Dickey

Paul and Susanna Donheffner

Dan and Marilyn Durkin Gift Fund

EarthShare Oregon

The Tareen Filgas Foundation

Patrick and Cynthia J. Ford

James Gorter and Becky Kuhn

Jay and Alison Graves

Walter H. Grebe

Stephen Griffith

William and Martha Hall

Lane Hickey

Robert and Nancy Hinnen

Gerald R. and Beth Hulsman

Chris Jones

Daniel and Lynn Kellogg

William and Emmy Lawrence Family Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

James L. and Mary R. Meier

Peter D. Mohr

NIKE Employee Matching Gift Program

Hella Nordberg and Alicia Tonnies

James D. and Lara Parr

Perkins & Co

Brigitte Sutherland

Thompson Tree Farm

Tom and Andrea Tongue

Benjamin R. and Elaine M. Whiteley

Tim and Sharon Wood

Dr. Mark H. Zornow


Director’s Circle

$500 to $999

Anonymous Fund #31 of The Oregon Community Foundation

Earl Blevins

Lawrence and Susan Black

Ryan Bledsoe

Broughton and Mary Bishop Foundation

John D. and Debra A. Burns

Cambia Health Foundation

Ken and Barbara Cerotsky

Richard Cook

Curtis Trailers

David Evans and Associates

Fran Delashaw

Dr. Dennis Deming

Lea Ann Easton

Ruth K. Fothergill

Gray Family Foundation

Douglas L. Hintzman

Kirk and Judi Johansen

Kaiser Permanente Foundation Board Matching Gift Program

Andrew and Corey Morris-Singer

Pamela Rogers

Joann Russell

John K. Vitas and Pat Towle Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Inge Wells

Park Adventurers

$250 to $499

Grace Ao

Jean M. and Ray B. Auel

Bruce L. and Jo Bennett

Dave Berg

Cambia Health Foundation

Shawn Campbell

Linda Crouse and Christopher Cassard

Donald D. DeLisle

Diana DiMaria

Jan Flynn

Ruth K. Fothergill

Gary Guttormsen on behalf of Owen, Savannah, and Emma

Matthew Hunt

Teresa Kaufman

Dan McCaleb

James Reitz

Monica B. Rodal

Rebecca Rodes

Silicon Valley Community Foundation of Portland General Electric

Connie L. Soper

Bruce and Joanne Sorte

Patricia Stenaros

Michael and Debra Trusheim

Don Valerio


Park Explorers

$100 to $249

Russ Allbery

Rebecca and James Anderson

Richard Anderson

Gregory Ashton

Clennin and Kathleen Baker

Martha F. Bancroft

Louise M. Bandick

Dale Bargsten

Anthony Baumhover

Howard J. Beckerman

David Bergmann

Hank Beuttel

Julie A. Bevan

Bernard Biberdorf

Sandra Bigelow

Sandra Bigelow

Timothy Brittle

Ron Brown

Linda Brown

William and Tina Brown

Stephen J. Brownfield

Tina Bull

John C. Burgess

Paul Burris

Craig Butler

Neva T. Campbell

Corby, Terri, Aaron, and Megan Chappell

Lynne Chicoine

Diane Conradi

Teddy E. Cook

Jane Coombes

Jane Coombes

Christopher S. Cowell

Don Crossley

Kyle Curtis

Tiffany Delgado

James R. and Doris L. Delp

Janet Dole-Hiland

Michael G. Earp

John and Patricia Edmundson

Vanessa Edwards

Mary Lou Farmer

Charles and Christine Farrington

R.G. and Deborah Fellman

Susan Filkins

Christina Flaxel

Michael and Pamela Forrester

Morris J. Galen

Julia H. Goelz

Dorine Goodro

Eddie Gray

Carolyn W. Guinther

Glen E. Guttormsen

Philip C. and Rose Marie Hamilton

Gary Harbison

James B. and Nadine S. Hayden

Keith and Lisa Helman

Charles W. and Wilma Hens

Paul and Sharon Hess

Sarah Hill

Dennis H. Hill

Molly L. Hoeflich

Ben Hoff

Laura Hoffman

Jerrald E. and Marilyn M. Howlett

Paul Isakson

Edward Jindrich

Forrest Johnson

Richard and Lois Johnston

Angela Jones-Sherrard

Dolores Judkins

Kaiser Permanente Northwest Community Giving

Hendrick & Kellison LLC

Charles and Reida Kimmel

Jeanette Kloos

Tim Krause

Todd Kuether

Kevin Lair

Paul Lambertsen

Dennis Lazaroff

Don Lewis

Thomas Lindberg

Stan Little

Paul Lychako

Chelsea MacLane

Martin J. Maltese

Mary Manners

Matthew Martin

Richard Maudlin

Melinda McCoy

James McDonald

Mindy Ann McKinstry

John and Betsy Messer

Rose Miller

John Miner

Herbert Duane and MaryJean G. Mohn

Cathy Moore

Thomas Myers

Karen Norton

Gretchen Ostrick

Laura Parker

Judson Parsons and Diana Gardener

William Pearcy

William and Lari Peterson

Marilyn Pratt

Jonathan Pugsley

Qualcomm Matching Grant Program

Sue A. Randall

John Rater

Mahinda Ratnayake

Patrick Rollins

James and Amy Rooks

Rhian and Derek Rotz

Elizabeth Ruethling

Steve Sample

Matt Sandholm

Vincent and Biefke Saulino

J. Dennis and Mary Lee Saulsbury

Kirsten Lee and Joseph Sawicki

Jennifer Schultz

Anne Schulz

James and Rebecca Settlemyer

Wally Shelton

Kurt Shusterich

Sheila Sowers-Hofmann

Wes Sparkes

Dennis and Molly Staats

Danita Stokes

William Sullivan and Janell Sorensen

Ravi Swamy

TE Connectivity Employee Engagement Fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Templeman

Robert Tessman

Jason Thomas

Joseph H. Treleaven

M.M. Troup

Justin Turner

David Tyler

Malcolm Ulrich

General Commission on Archives and History, The United Methodist Church

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette

Barbara Wade

Steven Walgrave

Eugenia R. Wall

Michael Weimar

Laurel White

Stefani Willis

Stephen Wolbers

Karey Wollam

Joseph Y. Wong

Becky and Terry Woolbright

Brad Youngs