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The Oregon State Parks Foundation is the statewide nonprofit partner of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. We are dedicated to raising funds to enhance and preserve the experience of using the 255 Oregon state parks, now and for generations to come.

Since 1995, the Foundation has provided more than $9 million to preserve and enhance Oregon State Parks. These funds have supported many vital projects such as restoring Vista House at Crown Point, helping to maintain Oregon’s Lighthouses,  preserving the Kam Wah Chung & Co Museum, and putting the first yurts in state parks anywhere in the country.

The Oregon State Parks Foundation strives to connect all Oregonians with their state parks, to enrich the visitor experience through interpretation and education, and to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Many people do not know that Oregon’s state parks are not funded by state tax dollars. Instead, they are primarily funded by day use and campground fees, a portion of Oregon Lottery proceeds, and a portion of the registration fees for RVs and ATVs.

While the Lottery now generates about 40% of the funding for the parks,  Lottery contributions fell by $10 million per year with the Great Recession and have remained at those new lower levels. Despite this, the number of park users continues to climb! This has lead to staffing shortages, deferred maintenance, and a greater and greater need for the parks department to seek alternative revenue sources.  For this reason, the Foundation is working to help fund efforts that enhance the experience of using the parks, despite the overall funding problems.

Do you treasure Oregon State Parks? Your support will help to ensure that these natural and historic wonders remain strong — today and well into the future.